web analytics consulting

Google analytics is the leading program on the market for analyzing web traffic and understanding how people come to your site, use your site, and make decisions with the information on your site. The software is free and is easy to install on any website or web application.

One would think that every business owner would utilize a free software program that offers so much valuable information but the truth is most people that have the software installed on their website never actually utilize the program for marketing and sale data.This is why so many companies need web analytics consulting to improve sales.

Here are some interesting statistics about Google analytics and their usage:

- 41% Use the old tracking code and are not up-to-date
- 49% Don't know where their traffic is coming from
- 21% Track events (like downloading a PDF) and not only page views
- 20% Have goals set up in Google analytics

Stats are from: Jarno Oksanen, Consultant and CMO at Super Analytics

In talking with business owners the reason most people don't utilize Google analytics is because it's too hard to set up the information they need they don't have time to learn or feel the out-of-the-box information is not helpful to increasing sales.

Web Analytics Consulting - What We Offer

web analytics consultingThis is why digital marketing strategies offers web analytics consulting and set up a small to medium-sized businesses. We know that important information that can drive increased leads and sales to your website can be extracted from Google analytics but only if properly set up and align with your business goals and marketing tactics.

If you understand the sales cycle and how a sales funnel works you begin to understand exactly how Google analytics works. It can unlock a wealth of information that can be important to your sales and marketing departments as well as other marketing efforts beyond your website. With our years of teaching Google analytics, extensive experience, and working with clients to extract important data to help them make better marketing decisions We help businesses to increase salesand generate leads from the data they get from Google analytics.

We are Google Analytics certified an offer custom set up and monitoring programs to take the burden of learning Google analytics and give you the information that can help increase your sales and marketing efforts in an affordable monthly program. We can also teach your staff to utilize Google analytics and assist in setting up and training them to take the handle on monitoring and managing the data from your Google analytics.

Contact us for a free no obligation meeting to determine how we may best help you with setting up and using Google analytics for your business.