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The Digital Marketing Analysis goes beyound the SEO Website Analysis and includes detailed reviews of your PPC Paid Advertising Campaigns, Social Media, Videos, and Google Analytics to provide you with a 360 view of your digital marketing landscape.

An effective digital marketing strategy starts with good information. Our Analysis goes deep into all areas of your digital program to provide insight on ways to improve your marketing and ways to mitigate potential issues.

In addition to the complete SEO and Website analysis the Digital Marketing Analysis also reviews and analyzes your PPC or paid advertising campaign in Google AdWords, Social Media, Video Marketing and Google Analytics. The result is an in depth report detailing all the findings and recommendations to improve your overall digital strategy.

The Digital Marketing Analysis Includes:

PPC AdWords Assessment & Review:
Let our Google certified experts review your AdWords campaign to see if your effectively using your strategy to maximize your investment an improve your lead generation results. This report includes a full review and discussion to ensure your success.

Social Media Assessment:
We look at all your activity in the active social media programs you are engaged with and compare them against industry best practices as well as your competitors. We identify areas of strength and  areas of improvement as well as identifying which platforms are best suited for your target audinece.

Video Marketing Assessment:
We look at your videos and YouTube channel to inspect it for optimization for search engines, user interactions and video messaging and quality. We started on YouTube back in 2006 and have created or produced over 150 videos for clients.

Google Analytics Analysis:
Goggle analytics is one of the best tools for tracking users and traffic on your website and how well your social media integrates with your website. As good as the tool is more than 80% of owners never use it beyond a cursory glance every now and then. Let us set up a custom dashboard that gives you relevant data quickly and information that really can affect your digital marketing strategy.

We also take the time to review over the entire report and clarify any details and answer your questions to make certain that you are able to use the report to impove your website.

Where to Start!

We offer a free consultation in order to develop a scope of work that fits the size of your website and the complexity of the site. You may download a pre-assessment form here or click on the icon at the left.