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What would you do if you knew you were ignoring 20-30 highly qualified leads and prospects from your website every month? Now ask yourself, what would you do if you could recover these leads and increase your marketing reach to these qualified prospects.

Our digital lead generation service is designed for that very purpose. After working in digital marketing for the past 20 year in the B2B Arena. I have seen many companies  build all the elements of digital marketing but still get very low leads and sales. In order to get real results (real leads from qualified prospects) you need to understand how all these elements work together and how they support your business goals and marketing tactics.

You have all the pieces of the puzzle now let us show you how they work together to drive leads and sales to your business!

You need to think of your digital marketing strategy like a sales process and not just unconnected digital assets. Just like the famous sales funnel, your website and digital content drive users through the same path, but only if the path is connected and planned.

1) SEO Monitoring:

Acquisition or the top of the funnel is where we attract potential customers, in a digital world this is Search engine optimization, Google Ad Words, an even content development and social media. We monitor your performance to ensure continued search engine optimization as well as identify any small issues to be corrected.

2) Analytics:

Once we have our users' interest we need to deliver relevant content that keeps them on the site and filters the qualified prospect from the non-buyer. Google analytics can track each step in this process but (if properly configured with custom reports) can actually identify qualified targeted companies and record their interests from how they used and navigated the site as well as how often they have returned.

3) Business Intelligence:

Using business intelligence, current contact information (Title, Email, and Direct Dial) can be obtained and matched with the profile generated form Google analytics and organize the contact into business segments.

4) Lead Generation

We work with your team to develop targeted marketing messages to be delivered to our prospects through a variety of channels at strategically timed intervals. We monitoring their engagement along the process to further qualify the prospects . Most marketing studies show that buyers need to see your message 7-12 times before the contact you and when they do, they have already done their research and comparisons. Take the initiative to build your awareness and value proposition rather than waiting for them to call you or risk that your competitor has already captured your prospect first.

Lead Generation Services Details

SEO & Website Monitoing
  • TIGG
  • Search Engine Optimization: Ensuring your website attracts qualified visitors through aligning your website with target keyword phrases and attaining high ranking for search visibility.

    - SEO Website Assessment                          - Site Link Audit
    - Competitive Analysis                                  - Monthly Ranking Report
    - SEO Maintenance                                        - Updating all Google, Bing Web Tools               
Custom Google Analytics
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  • Google Analytics: Utilizing website usage data to help drive customer focused marketing tactics. Custom set up of reports and dashboards to support your business goals and KPIs. Dashboards set up for easy viewing and harvesting of qualified leads and preferences.

    - Google Analytics Setup                               - Demographic Gathering Set Up
    - Events Tag Manager                                   - Dashboard and Report Selection and Set Up
    - Goal Setting & Segmentation                    - Visitor Data Collection & Visitor Profile By Company                                      
Business Intelligence
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  • Business Intelligence:  Gathering accurate and current contact date about target users from Analytics report. Identifying target contacts including: Name, Title, Direct Dial Phone, Email as well as division and address.

    - Identify Qualified Contacts                         - Gather Contact Data
    - Merge Contact Info w Preferences           - Develop Profile and Segment
    - Create Contact Database                                  
Lead Generation Campaign
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  • Lead Generation: Combining all of the data from above steps and create a targeted campaign to develop awareness and rapport with target prospects.  A multichannel campaign will be developed to include: Monthly newsletter and link to website, Surveys, and Video Articles all tagged to monitor prospect engagement. Converting interested prospects into qualified leads and sale.

    - Develop Messages                                      - Determine Contact Frequency
    - Set Up Tags to Monitor Activity                - Develop Emails, newsletter, and videos
    - Set up Tracking Score for Target               - Monthly Monitoring Reports